Soulfest : I’ve got a ton to talk about

It seems I have been a little lacking in my posting so everybody who is reading you had better keep up today…expect a little catch up.

First on my list is the soulfest music festival. I went on Saturday with the wife and kids and we had a blast. first off it was wicked hot…and not only that but there were at least 1 billion people there. UGH. there were tons of cool bands there newboys, red, unspoken, tomlin, natalie grant, john rueben…etc….But I had my person goals….

The first show I went to was worshiptogethers NEWSONG Cafe. it featured Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, and Charlie “freakin” Hall. Matt was the host and he talked to Tomlin about his song how can I keep from singing…and then they played it. It was in a room with maybe 250  people and it was like CD quality. Then Hall came out and tomlin gave him his guitar…hall complained that the strap was to low and Tomlin made fun of him for only knowing 4 chords. When he was done pokin’ fun hall pulled out a birthday card he found that sang when opened “how great is our go” to show to Tomlin…too funny…

So Hall sang Marvelous light and all we need…and WOW…amazing just killer…

Next up Matt Maher sang Your grace is enough, which he wrote, and that was brilliant as well.

After that we did some kid stuff playing, eating etc…

then we go to the main stage to see Hall with his band. HOLY CRAP he is good…I still think he should be as popular as tomlin and crowder…if not more…wow.

We saw a couple of little other bands and got ourselves the infamous fried twinkies…MMMM

and ended the night with Bill Malonee. Bill formerly of VOL is the christian Dylan. It was him, an acoustic and harmonica, and his wife on keys and bgv. Let me tell you I have seen him twice already and this guy keeps getting better. Why is Christian music best artists struggling to eat…arg… We had to leave because it was a 3 hour drive home and the kids were a little uh beat…but mmy dad stayed around to talk to him…he said he writes 50 songs a year and has been for 15 years. You do the math…

Killer festival…maybe some of my blog peeps can meet me there next year!


6 responses to “Soulfest : I’ve got a ton to talk about”

  1. mandythompson Avatar

    our drummer went…. last night he told us about the ten minute drum solo during Newsboys’ show.
    he had a blast!
    glad you went!

  2. klampert Avatar

    mandy that sweet…i didnt go to the newsboys or tomlin show…everybody else did though. lol bill malonee was at the same time and there were like 15 of us watching him. including charlie halls entire band and Matt Maher.
    Every old school christian guy knows bill is one of the greatest there ever was. right up there with stonehill keaggy heard and green

  3. Paul J. Avatar

    Can you say “Holy Crap” about a worship experience?

  4. klampert Avatar

    I think i can sir…lol

    uh did you have a mullet in the 80’s? lol

  5. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Another name dropping opportunity.
    Did you know that my band in Athens, GA (Set on Edge) was primarily made up of x-VoL members, and that I was Bill’s occasional guitar-tech & merch guy?
    I am so cool. 😉

  6. klampert Avatar

    wow shannon…you are cool…I wish I could drop names…lol
    Bill at this show had a martin with white duct tape on it…and a gibson 1/4 covered in grey duct tape. lol
    guess he misses you. lol

    AND VOL RULES….er ruled

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