Soulfest 2007

OH YEAH BABY…Im heading out to day 4 of soulfest at 8 AM…I can’t wait. Maybe next year  I will be able to go to all 4 days. My wife and kids are going also. Gonna see Charlie Freaking HALL!!! woot, Natalie Grant, Derek Webb, Red, skipping tomlin and newsboys. lol but going to see Bill Malonee (lead guy of the old christian band Vigilantes of Love..I consider him one of the greatest christian songwriters ever…he is our Dylan.)

Expect a review when I get back…oh and a review of the worship conference I went to.


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  1. Paul J. Avatar

    Bill Malonee rules. I have all the V.O.L. albums, saw them many times. In fact, in one of the last permutations of V.O.L., the guy who was my drummer for our praise band left to play with V.O.L.

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