Top 5 CD’s of the week (July12th)

July 12, 2007 — 4 Comments
Top 5 CD’s of the week (July12th) | Klampert

It’s been a while with my being out of town and uh….life…but make sure you let me know what your listening to right now.

1. Smashing Pumpkins -  Zeitgeist (welcome back Corgan…awesome CD and corgan does everything on it but the drums)

2. Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes (vintage coolness)

3. Brian Doerksen – Holy God (I keep coming back to this CD. the heart of the King is in this one)

4. PFR – Pray for Rain (What an awesome CD. these guys wrote some of the best christian music has ever had)

5. Brian and Jenn Johnson – We believe why are you reading this…get on itunes and buy this CD already)

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4 responses to Top 5 CD’s of the week (July12th)

  1. You are right on about PFR. Some of their older stuff is very Beatle-esque. Love those guys.

  2. Is the PFR cd a new release? I used to love these guys years back but have lost track of what they are up to now. I’m going to buy loads of cds out in the states because they are half the price we have to pay in the UK!

  3. hey!
    didn’t mean to beat you to Webber….. but, yeah, he was a GREAT man…… lots and lots and lots of wisdom in his writing.

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