July 8th Set List

Worship Confessional (textfessional) : coming after the service

D – How deep the fathers love for us (Townend)
C – Did You feel the mountains tremble (smith)

D – We Praise Your Name (Klampert)

D – Above All Else (Beeching) C shape cut capo
A/G- Bless His name (sanchez)
A – Blessed be Your name (Redman)

G- Word of God Speak (Millard/Kipley)

C – Holy Holy (Knott)

C – Holy God (Doerksen)

G- How great is Our God (Tomlin)
G- Awesome God (Beeching)
G- Holy Is the Lord (Tomlin)

Ebm- Dance Like David (unknown)

3 thoughts on “July 8th Set List

  1. Hey,
    I am in a very small CEC church in California called St. Francis. I lead the worship but basically I just pick the songs download them and play them over a keyboard. I’m learning to play guitar but I am very limited in the songs that I have that I can actually play. I think it’s so much more personal playing worship live playing an actual instrument. COuld you help me out?

  2. thanks for stopping by! i hope my list of resources helps you find ways to incorporate the stories behind the songs.
    blessings in your ministry.

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