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So I just got my tickets for a Seminars4Worship conference in MA July 19&20. I am really excited about this one. Has any of my illustrious readers ever been to one? How was it?

Anyway I am really looking forward to this one and the topics that are going to be covered. The best part, to me that is, is Paul Baloche will be there. Here is the info:

Don Moen, Paul Baloche, Michael Neale, Leann Albrecht, Lenny LeBlanc, Chris Long, Todd Proctor, Bob Kauflin, David Watts, Mike Bauer, Luke McElroy, Sheri Gould, Dr. Pete Sanchez, Jr., Steven Ford, Carl Albrecht, Michael Hocklander, Chuck Harris, Mike Overlin, Doug Gould, Andy Bussey, Craig Sibley, Paul Jackson, Sheri Gould, Chris Long, Mike Bauer, Luke McElroy & Brad Haynes


Day One
8:00 Registration / Exhibits Open
9:15 Opening Worship
9:45 General Session: “The Heart
of Worship”
10:45 Orientation
11:00 General Session: “Emerging
Tools and Technologies”
11:45 Lunch Break
12:45 Elective Workshops
2:15 Elective Workshops
3:45 Elective Workshops
5:00 Dinner Break
7:00 “The Songs and the Stories”
An Intimate Worship Experience
with Today’s Leading Worship

Day Two
8:00 Exhibits Open
8:30 Opening Worship
9:15 Elective Workshops
10:45 Elective Workshops
12:00 Lunch Break
1:00 Worship
1:15 General Session: “Lessons in
Effective Leadership”
2:15 Elective Workshops
3:45 Elective Workshops
5:00 Dinner Break
7:00 Integrity Live Worship Concert
(ticketed to general public, but
FREE to seminar attendees.)

Of course I will bringing my Laptop to blog at it…expect it soon.


15 responses to “Seminars 4 Worship”

  1. Paul J. Avatar

    You’ll really enjoy it. I’ve been to three of these over the years, as well as two of the Songwriters Workshops they run.
    And like you mentioned, if you’ve never worshiped with Paul Baloche live, just that is worth the price of registration.
    What electives are you planning to attend?

  2. klampert Avatar

    yeah im thinking this right now:

    • Worship Songwriting
    • Vocal Aerobics
    • Music Theory
    • The Worshiping Choir
    • Worshiping With Soul
    • Guitar Master Class
    • Bass Master Class
    • The Worship Team Vocalist

    but there are a few in other areas like classes on flow I want to attend to

  3. Paul J. Avatar

    Those sound pretty good. I would stay away from any of the “tech” breakouts, as they tend to be commercials for the reps that are running them…

  4. klampert Avatar

    yeah im with ya there…not to mention I have a small church with a small

  5. Billy Chia Avatar

    Nice blog. Good to see you on TWC. I went to a Seminars4worship 2 years ago and that’s when I really felt called to lead worship. You’ll love it.

    Also, I just so happened to have recently read the book of Joel and did a post on my blog.

  6. klampert Avatar

    Billy…thanks for coming by…Hope to see you often…I cant wait to go to this thing. I am always looking for more and more ways to better worship the king

  7. Sheri Avatar

    I’m interested to see how you felt about the seminars4worship. I’m especially interested in vocal teaching. How was it?

  8. klampert Avatar

    wow sheri. are you sheri gould?

    funny thing is I never did do a seminars 4 worship review…I had so much to say and it got put on the back burner..thanks for the reminder..

    as far as the vocal teaching is concerned. I thought it was fantastic. I went how to get your singers to sing better and blend and vocals for men.
    I learned a lot about blending and mic technique for my backup singers. I learned how to encourage them and how to deal with those who love the spotlight. The scale examples for teaching them harmony were great.
    As far as the mens class it was the first time I had heard vocal instruction just for men. Sheri was fantastic. She taught us how to sing with the diaphragm. I knew it before but the concentration exercises and vowel sounds/ mouth techniques change the way I sing. No longer is my throat hoarse from a sunday morning and I have increased my range a bit as well. I learned a ton in the singing…and I am def. going to have to dull my full review on here in the next day.

    If this isn’t sheri gould,get yourself a ticket to seminars4worship. well worth it.

    if this is sheri Gould, thanks for your classes, your voice, your worshipful heart and for making me feel comfortable in the class.

  9. Sheri Avatar

    Well… IS Sheri Gould LOL you caught me! But I was looking for an honest review!!! hahaha! 🙂 We do get some reviews from the people who take the time and they are like gold to me. I really strive to provide for my classes stuff that WORKS. Thank you so much!!

    I would also like to address the comment from the guy who said he felt like the tech track was a commercial 🙁

    I would realy like to believe that for the most part that ISN’T true. They have only believers teaching and most of them can NOT sell even if they wanted to. I know that’s true for my husband Doug Gould (Shure microphones) who strives to educate in the best way possible and also for Mike Overlin (Yamaha). Their job is education NOT sales. If the Integrity guys thought that their teachers had more interest in pushing their products than truly ministering–they’d find other teachers.

    These guys have a real heart for ministry and I think that comment was a bit unfair. I’d be interested to hear from anyone else on your list how THEY feel?!

    Thanks again for your comments about the vocal teaching! We’ll be up in Martha’s Vineyard next weekend…right in your backyard. (We’ll be teaching at the Center for Contemporary Music)

    Thanks for the chat!

  10. klampert Avatar

    I probably would not have caught you but for the 1 r in your name.
    truth be told though that was a very honest review. If I dont like something I say it. and your class was fantastic.
    A person from our team went to your husbands class and thought is was fantastic. I went to a class with Mike Overlin. He was all over the place and didn’t stick to what the class was even called, but it didn’t bother me because I learned a ton in that class.
    Over all the most learned there was in the large sessions, in your class and with Michael Neale. I love that guys heart for worship and I honestly cannot listen to anything other than his CD right now.
    Thanks for stopping by and if you ever have any time feel free to say something else where your opinions are greatly appreciated.
    Also look out for my full real review of the weekend in the next few days

  11. Sheri Avatar

    Well thank you again! I have heard that Michael Neale is wonderful!! I do not know him and would really like to meet him and get to a class. The reviews on his sessions are amazing. Also, a side note on Mike Overlin :-)he got pretty mixed reviews on that week that you were there (!!) He spent the nest week revamping his classes!!! LOL (He’s a good guy) then the next session his reviews were much better! I happened to read them first and said “Hey Mike! I read your reviews for Indianapolis…” he was like “..oh no..” When I told him they were really good he perked up and ran to read them hahaha!So I think he got the message and responded 🙂

    I look forward to dropping by your page in the future and don’t forget Worship Musician! Magazine as a resource!! They have a great vocal columnist 😉

    The Shure House of Worship newsletter is great too. Here’s a link to get in:

    God bless!!

  12. klampert Avatar

    Sheri thanks for the links.
    I thought mike was great, but now that youve said that I wonder how much better he was later.

    again..I will have up this weekend a full review with notes so check it out and comment with anything else I need to note.

    I subscribe to worship leader magazine and I like it ok, but after reading worship musician magazine that weekend I am subscribing to it and I like it even more. Your articles are very helpful. vocal info is few and far between. I must admit a bunch of the stuff you told us I had heard before but what a huge difference it is learning it in person…It actually made sense

    The shure link is great..I will add that to my link resources as well

  13. klampert Avatar

    oh and one more question if you get on here. I am working on a Blended worship Conference in the North East for 2008. How would I go about trying to get you to speak at it? and also your husband?

  14. Sheri Avatar

    Hey Joel,
    We’d love to come. You can e-mail me at Please contact me quickly though because the dates are filling up so fast for next year! Yikes!

    My husband got saved in a charismatic Episcopal Church up in Connecticut 🙂 His sister still attends one of the “Connecticut Six” (I’m assuming you are familiar with that refereance…he thought you would be!)

    Thanks fir the encouragement on the magazine 🙂 We’re actually out in Sacramento right now for the Christian Musician Summit at Bayside (Lincoln Brewster’s church) My publisher who also publishes Christian Musician Magazine as well, is putting on this conference. The yearly one he does in Seattle is one of the largest in the country and now he’s expanding to THREE for next year. One will be up in Buffalo–Kingdom Bound territory. That will be great for the east coasters as we rarely get a decent conference out there!

    Seminars4Worship finally broke the ground this year! Except for Congress there really isn’t much on the East Coast and that conference really isn’t worship leader specific. (great speakers though) So Lord willing we’ll see a lot more action coming up soon on the East Coast–looks like you’re making a start yourself! Keep me posted!

  15. Mike M Avatar
    Mike M

    We attended a Seminar4Worship in Detroit 2 years ago and it was great. Steve Bowersox was doing the vocal aerobics at that time and he was great. Paul Baloche was at the one we were at also and I enjoyed his classes. I agree that the tech side of things is a sales pitch but hey, they are helping put the thing on and its always fun to see the new toys and dream. LeAnn Albrecht and Carl were awesome also along with all the others! I highly recommend this to people in doing some good team building (community) type time and also some good individual learning. Loved the worship time too!


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