Communion Song

Communion Song – written by: Joel Klampert

copyright 2004 Joel Klampert
Creative Commons License

work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

8 thoughts on “Communion Song

  1. That sounds good. I’ll have to listen to a few more 🙂

    Are you willing to share with fellow CEC-ers? (Is that even a word?) Dh is music minister/subdeac at Bread of Life in WI.

  2. thanks mamma blogger…and yes I am more than willing to share with CECers. ha ha.
    if there is anything you need or like or even a question let me know. and I encourage you and the music minister at Bread of Life to come here often.

    I am going to be introducing a few of my songs to the northeast Diocese at the convocation next week also.

    Glad you came buy. Take care

  3. Very good question. I know of a few priests who blog ..Fr. Ken Tanner, Fr. Matt Mirable, Fr. Dave Klampert.
    And I know of a few church blogs thats all.

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