Sackcloth: It’s official

So it’s official, Jason Bolton (Man of Steel and Mud & Steel) and I are starting our own T-Shirt company. I don’t know how true it is, but this is the first known case at least to me where two bloggers who don’t live close have started…well…anything. This is pretty exciting.

The company is called Sackcloth. The name comes from Psalm 30.

“… You changed my mourning into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and turned it into joy…”

These shirts were designed with worship in mind. They will be a small test run. After the initial test run if all goes well we will roll out all of the other designs we are working on. Basically we are taking pre orders starting now and if we get enough then we’ll get them printed up. Jason and I both agree that we hate paying 20 bucks for a sweet shirt. We also aren’t looking to make a killing off these either. So look for these babies to be really affordable depending on printing costs. If you live near one of us then no shipping. We hope to have a website up soon or just a blog for starters so that you may be able to order through that. It may be a while till that is up and running. So for now a simple comment on this blog or on Man of Steel will put you down for a shirt. After we have enough orders to make a run we will contact you and get shipping addresses. Also different color shirts may be available as well.

It comes down to this. We are both designers who lead worship. We also both love…LOVE! T-shirts. We hope you dig our ideas and more are to come. Please get in on this so we can keep it going.

Here are the shirts so far (keep in mind placement graphic may change):

15 thoughts on “Sackcloth: It’s official

  1. COUNT ME IN BIG TIME DUDE! I’m now up to 4 shirts! 1 of each for me and the Mrs.
    I’ve got to know: Who’s posing and who’s snapping the camera? Is that your bod or Jason’s? HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Winner for most confusing statement of the day award:

    “Joel and I both agree that we hate paying 20 bucks for a sweet shirt. ”

    Wait a minute! I thought you were Joel… 😛

  3. Oops, I also said (but I commented it out on accident):

    I’m totally stoked for you guys and will be praying for your success, both financially and minstarially (is that a word?). I already let the man o’ steel know I want one Praise Him shirt (male version, thank you).

  4. Can you put me down for 4? One of each for me and the Mr.
    Such a cool venture! Praying for success and blessings from all your work!!

  5. def lori…thanks
    TO ALL:
    We will be making an officail announcement on monday with order info…pricing and shirt colors. at this point its looking like we will need to sell around 45 total to break even. so lets hit that number because i want to wear one myself

  6. Greetings,

    I happened upon your website thinking you sold sackcloth material, but you don’t…so I’ll keep looking around over the web.
    In the mean time, you can check out my website as I have yours; just maybe there is something waiting for you there.


  7. Wow…very interesting site. Are you Messianic?
    My dad used to be a pastor of a Messianic church.
    Nice site and I am glad you stumbled on this one.

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