Show Your desk

So my worship buddy Victor is running a cool contest about your desk and he is giving away cars to the winners…ok not really but its fun anyway.

Click the pics for full version…it’s a must..I use 2 desks. one for worship stuff…one for design



so theres tons of cool stuff in the pics like computer gear and my worship desk has all of the wicked cool toys. i.e. giant spidey pez.

victors criteria:

  • Messiest desk – Mine is pretty freakin messy…and i didnt even post a pic of the stuff underneath
  • Most Pimped out desk – My custom computer glows …nuff said. lol
  • Most random object on desk it’s hard to see cus its so small but i have to buttons on my desk an eject button and a panic button
  • The “You Call That A Desk?” desk – My worship desk is a kids style plastic craft table from BJ’s. lol but i love it!


9 responses to “Show Your desk”

  1. superman1224 Avatar

    Dude you have Dare Devil! That’s cool. I too have that Superman Cup. Did you get your computer at Anyway, nice setup my friend.

  2. klampert Avatar

    ive got the superman cups and Im adding to it 2 spiderman 3 cups. lol

    i got it at unitedmicro 2 years ago and add stuff to it and upgrade constantly. I love it and the case is so cool.

    I love glowing stuff. lol

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    I’m stoked about the ginormous Spidey Pez!

  4. klampert Avatar

    dude …it holds pez packs…and it sings the old spidey song

  5. worshipcity Avatar

    …I don’t…I mean…I’m speechless…

  6. klampert Avatar

    I know…I said the same…My wife got it for me last fathers day

  7. Victor Estrada Avatar

    Two desks? That’s out of control. You guys and you’re action figures… Thats awesome.

  8. klampert Avatar

    oh yeah man…did you see the first desk…theres 2 printers on it also…no room for worship stuff on it…


  9. nash Avatar

    im savin up 4 $1760 tower like the 1 u have in this websit but min is black

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