As per some requests … SWAG

As per some requests I am going to be having some shirts printed and Custom printed guitar pics to spread the coolness of cecworship. I need a consensus though.


14 thoughts on “As per some requests … SWAG

  1. ha ha ha…what do you mean depends on what it will look like…WHERE’s THE

    I’m gonna sell at almost cost just to spread the coolness of this place…

    the pics will be the flame from the logo on a Utem pic

    the shirts…ha ha…Well wicked coolness of course

  2. Shirt sounds good; in fact, I was thinking just yesterday that I’d like one.

    Guitar picks wouldn’t do me much good; I’m one of them keyboardists 🙂

  3. Count me in for the shirt!
    I’ve never been a fan of the ‘cool print pics.’ I usually can’t use them. I have slippery fingertips so I need pics with grip. I can’t use the cool pics!

  4. you can use the utem ones…they have some less slipage…Im not a fan of the slick custom print ones either…

    the thing is even if I never use it…THEY ARE CUSTOM PRINTED

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