Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 29th)

Here we go again folks. What are your top 5 CD’s this week?

1. Hillsong United – All of the Above: Killer new CD that I can’t get enough of.

2. Paul Baloche – Offering: Classic CD of one of the top worship leaders there is. I consider him to be one of the guys I look to for how it’s done.

3. Matt Redman – Beautiful News: Redman switches it up on this one…Sure there is classic redman sound, but there is also redman doing U2 sound etc. It just plain rocks

4. Regina Spector-¬† IS ANY BODY ELSE GONNA CHECK HER OUT..>AMAZING…bah here’s a video


5. last but not least  Charlie Hall РFlying into Daybreak

5 thoughts on “Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 29th)

  1. 1. Nothing Left To Lose – Mat Kearney
    2. Chronology VI – Third Day
    3. Don’t Get Comfortable – Brandon Heath
    4. See The Morning – Chris Tomlin
    5. Cinematics – The Cinematics

  2. It’s OK. I wanted to give a few solid listens this week to see what sticks.

    Beauty Divine is worth the price of admission though. Our God Reigns is growing on me as well.

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