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May 24, 2007 — 4 Comments
Faveur Clothing | Klampert

I don’t know if anybody noticed the new banner link on the sidebar, but it’s for Faveur Clothing. I found out about these guys when they asked me to be a friend on VIRB. After looking at the site I can honestly say they have some of the coolest T-Shirts I’ve seen. Check them out at http://getfaveur.com.

I think it’s high time I start soliciting for free stuff to review. So If anybody from Faveur is reading this feel free to sponser CECWorship. :) Thanks. I like the flaming tongues one. lolĀ 

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4 responses to Faveur Clothing

  1. Pretty cool. You should slam down some of your own graphics on cotton. I’d buy it!

  2. ha ha…planning on it actually…I have in the past..also going to print guitar pics with cecworship flame on it in next month

  3. Awesome. Seriously, let me know know when you have ‘em ready. I want one.

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