St. Michael’s Church Gets a redesign

Our new website and blog went up yesterday. A few pages are being updated, but let me know what you guys think.

St. Michael’s website

St. Michael’s blog

St. Michael’s Virb

6 thoughts on “St. Michael’s Church Gets a redesign

  1. Dude totally. We’re in the process of revamping our paper products like bulletin and church info. I’m pushing for the site and that should come next.

  2. Well I am going to creating a new design site as part of my current design site specifically for churches. so if you need anything print or web let me know

  3. Nice man. So, is Dave K your bro, dad? There’s another Klampert in the band. Relation? The Klampert clan…

    You want me to proofread your site man? I used to be a proofreader in a way previous life, and I caught a bit on the home page, “check out whats happnening,” where it should be “what’s.” Anyway, I know it’s tough for folks who work on projects to proofread themselves, since you’ve been too close for it. So, I’d love to read each page and let you know if I find anything else. Not much to read anyway. Let me know man, I really would love to help you and your church out, no charge or anything like that, just a friend…


  4. Thanks man…Dave K is my dad…he is the pastor.
    I would love your help…there are a few pages where the content isnt all up yet. Thanks a ton dude

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