Jesus was Pierced too

An ad I designed for our church is causing quite a discussion. What are your thoughts on this ad?

see it here

and here

11 thoughts on “Jesus was Pierced too

  1. Good job. One of the huge image issues “church” has is we say we’re open, when in reality, “churches” can be some of most exclusive organizations there are. Keep up the good work, Joel.


  2. thanks david…you are totally right…some of the controversy has come with some saying I was equating a lip ring with cHrists sacrifice. Im glad you got it.

  3. OH wow that is awesome. I love that. We don’t have many…if any pierced congregants other than girls with earrings but we have some tattooed people here. You don’t have a ‘marked’ ad do you 🙂 HAHAHAHA

  4. I think your ad is great Joel. I read a book called “No Perfect People Allowed,” for the purposes of training to lead a small group. The ad reminded me of that approach. I think so many young people have this perception that going to church is for those who are “perfect,” and that perception, along with others, keeps them from going and realizing how lots of us Christians are basically not perfect and a work in progress, you know? So, I think it’s great, especially if the ad reflects the attitude of the overall church and its openess to people. Way kewl.


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