April 22nd 2007 Set List

St. Michael’s Charismatic Episcopal Church Set List

As always any worship leaders who read this blog please post your set list in the comments.
and check back to read my “worship confessional” on the service


  • C – Come Now is the Time


  • C – Shout Your Fame – Natasha Beddingfield
  • C – Holy – Brenton Brown
  • A – Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  • E – Sing to the King – Billy Foote
  • E – Center – Charlie Hall

Gospel – E – Ancient Words
Sanctus – Holy Holy – Michael Knott


  • F or G – O Praise Him – David Crowder (D formation with cut capo and regular capo)


  • E – We Fall Down – Christ Tomlin
  • E – Offering – Paul Baloche


  • B or C – I Will Boast –Paul Baloche

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13 thoughts on “April 22nd 2007 Set List

  1. Great Service this week. A few technical problems or as Conner @ http://worshipcity.wordpress.com/ likes to say, “Sound Gremlins”. Over all though great day. Ive been sick all week so my voice was shakey. My Gorgeous wife Kelly sang lead on 4 of the songs in the main section and that was awesome. I ended up doing O Praise him in G with the Cut capo as mentioned. I will Boast was done in C. Last time we tried it in A and it was too low. It fell flat. That is a real fun song to play. Shout your fame had a little vintage distortion to it and I carried that over into Holy.

  2. D – Majestic (Brewster)

    A – Indescribable (Story)

    A – Hallelujah (Our God Reigns) (Hillsong)

    Bb – Made To Worship (Tomlin)

    C – Majesty (Here I Am) (Garrard/Smith)

    D – Majestic (Closing Song)

  3. I love majestic…we do that in C.

    Indescribable in A…gonna have to try that…its a tough song for the congregation

    Majesty I do in G….Ill try today in C…

    cool…thanks for posting them

  4. * Heaven Hear Us – Jon Shirley

    * Made to Worship – Tomlin

    * How Great is Our God – Tomlin

    * Consuming Fire – Tim Hughes

    * There is a Redeemer (chorus)

    * Doxology

    ok i’m going to get on the “brewster” train…i’ve seen a lot of people use him so i’m going to listen to his stuff…

  5. Grant whats that first song from…never heard of it…

    And brewster is great…he is basically a studio guitarist so the licks are well…impossible…but his worship songs are great…

    let the praises ring by him is one of our church favorites.

  6. i’ll check that song out…

    i’m not sure if you can listen to jon shirley’s stuff on his website…but listen to a few on itunes if you want…i really like his stuff…

  7. Processional:

    F – Praise to the Lord, the Almighty – Joachim Neander

    Praise and Worship:

    D – We Will Bow – Brian Thiessen
    G – There is No Other Name – Robin Mark
    C – Everything Cries Holy – Robin Mark


    G – I Am the Bread of Life – Sr. Suzanne Toolan


    A – Jude Doxology – Terry Butler

    This was the first time that we tried “We Will Bow.” We’ll be using it again this coming Sunday to keep it in people’s minds.

  8. Wow…thanks darren…links and everything.

    You know I kind of wrote off robin mark a while ago because the celtic sound became the only thing that everybody was playing and there was no variety….Maybe its time to pull out the belfast CD and check it out again.

    I do not know that we will bow song. the only song we do with that is We Bow Down which I wrote.

  9. The previous worship leader, who developed the Praise Song section of our service booklet (my wife and I chose the songs for the Hymn section) was apparently a big Robin Mark fan, so we have quite a few of those songs.

    He also liked a bunch of Vineyard songs, so I’ve been trying to learn those as well.

    I’m going to try introducing a couple Sovereign Grace songs in the next couple months. I like their combination of theologically sound lyrics with singable and memorable melodies.

    Where can I find samples of Brewster’s music? And which songs would you suggest?

  10. You Alone – E – DC*B – played though with the cut capo!! WOOHOO
    Everlasting God – B – Brewster – he’s insane and yes get his greatest hits you won’t regret it!
    You are so good to me – G – Third Day
    It is well with my soul – C – Shane and Shane-ish – capoed up 5 and played in G though
    This is our God – F# – Tomlin and Crowder

    Baptism – D – …uh…Randy…Travis…yeah, we just did, it worked

  11. Worship City: May 4th…im seeing shane and shane..and i cant wait..

    Darren: in my links on the side under worship leaders you can go to brewsters site. also check out baloche and hughes i think you will like them. And yeah brewsters best of is great but i really like the live CD.

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