Adobe CS3 Released

Well this may seem off topic for worship, but it really isn’t. I am a graphic designer and handle the church media including all inhouse graphics and mailers. I am very excited to announce I’m gonna have even more fun doing it when I upgrade my CS2 and Macromedia stuff to the new CS3. It was announced to be shipping as of this week.

If you handle any of the graphics in your church this is a must have.

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2 responses to “Adobe CS3 Released”

  1. superman1224 Avatar

    Happy Happy Happy. Work should be upgrading soon. I want it for the house too but 1,800 is a little steep at this point. Let me know how you like it.

  2. klampert Avatar

    yeah it is steep…luckily its an upgrade for me owning CS2 and Studio 8 but just found out i have to buy fireworks and contribute seperately…arg…I may wait till july for the master collection for $1399

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