Vicky Beeching Painting the Invisble


Ok well it came in the mail. Vicky Beechings new CD, Painting the Invisible. I preordered it and it came signed. Now onto the content…HOLY COW. This is one of the few CD’s to add to that illustrious list of few Cd’s that every song are good. They are all fantastic. The first 3 songs really shine and then she takes a crack at a modern hymn and it is amazing. If you didn’t listen to me 4 weeks ago go buy it NOW!

11 thoughts on “Vicky Beeching Painting the Invisble

  1. I agree. This CD is amazing. It’s been playing either in my car or my laptop at work since I got it! I am so totally blown away! And what a treat it was to have seen her live! I am grateful for that introduction to her, and look forward to another chance to see her do more than just a few songs!

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the chords for one of Vicky’s songs, “Great is Your Glory”? I heard the song and want to play it for my church but can’t find the chords.

  3. Hey, Nick, I’m looking for some of Vicky’s chords too. I just got back from a church camp in New Mexico, and she was the worship leader. She was fantastic!!!! Anyway, I can’t find the song “Great is Your Glory,” but, I found a place where you can get 5 other songs. For all y’all who are interested, go to Google,and type in “Yesterday, Today, and Forever chords.” Then scroll down to the second web link, which should read “ Beeching Guitar Tabs.” Click on that and scroll down a little bit and it will give you 5 songs that have chords. The songs are Above All Else, Awesome God(Your Voice), Captivated, There’s No One Like Our God, and Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Well, hope that helped some of you guys. Goodbye, God Bless, and VICKY BEECHING ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, by the way, you can check out Vicky’s MySpace at vickybeechingmusic. She checks her MySpace personally (at least, that’s what she told us) so you might be able to get chords that way.

  5. You would hope that Vicky answers her myspace but she didn’t on my questions. I was looking for ‘Great is Your Glory’ for my band also and just retyped the chords in the CD flap.

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