Guitar Strings

After the overwhelming success of the Guitar pics post I’ve decided to do a whole thing on whats in your gig bag and your gear…but within separate posts.

So my guitar strings are below…As always what are you using?

On my Breedlove acoustic
Elixir Nanoweb lights

On my Epiphone LesPaul Custom
Daddarrio EXL110

On My Parker Nitefly SA
Daddario EXL120


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  1. worshipcity Avatar

    I used to swap b/w Daddario’s and Elixers. I recently made the full on switch to Elixers non-stop. Over the past 6 months I’ve swapped b/w the Polywebs and the Nanos.
    I also was experimenting with the Lights and Ultra lights. I’ve stuck with Lights.

    As far as electric guitar goes, I’ll have to ask Jimbo b/c it’s his Fender I use.

  2. ig Avatar

    GHS Boomers, standard 10 gauge, on a Fender Strat, my main guitar. I NEVER change guitar string brands, not because I think they’re the best, but because I just stick to one thing.

    My question is, how often do you change them? I play my guitar almost every day, whether at band rehearsal, at home practice, or on the weekend when I play at church. I change them every 2 to 3 weeks. By the time I do, they’re pretty used up, since the new set always makes the guitar tone light years better. I’m also pretty poor, so I can’t be changing them every week or so.

    AND, do you use anything to clean the strings with after you play? I used to just use a cloth to wipe them down, and recently the other guitar player in my band turn me into fingerease and I’m starting to like it. I used it a long time ago and found it too greasy, but, somehow it works ok now. Thoughts?

  3. klampert Avatar

    i USED TO USE ghs BRIGHT WHITES ON MY ACOUSTIC. Then I found elixir and I love em.
    Im not too keen on the elixir for electric though. Ive used Ghs and ernieballs broke too easy so I stuck with Daddario.
    As far as changing strings…I play every day and of course church. the elixirs will last 6-8 weeks and have very consistant tone.
    I change the daddarios every 3-4 weeks.
    I used to use the fret products. the stick one and It was great for like five minutes but became almost sticky…so I just use a cloth

  4. superman1224 Avatar

    Dude is there any other string to use on a acoustic than Elixers? THey are the best! On the ol Mustang I use the Ernie Ball 10s baby. I’ve used them since I was 16!

  5. grant... Avatar

    my larrivee…elixir phosphor bronze custom lights

  6. klampert Avatar

    Ive got the phosphor bronze on mine right now, nut im thinking I like the regular nano elixirs better

  7. e7b9 Avatar

    I use D’Addario XL110s on all my electrics, D’Addario Pro Arte on my classical, and whatever acoustic strings I have lying around (I’m not a big acoustic player).

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