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  1. I want to buy them for the tin alone. I use a pic that looks like an alien. It glows in the dark. Then I have this red one that is pretty nice. Then I have the extra special pic that I got at a Goo Goo Dolls concert that Johnny Goo himself through out to me. That pic has never been used.

  2. Dude sometimes we scare me! HAHAHA.
    I went into GC a few weeks back because I had to!
    Needed some pics and strings. Got my strings, asked for my typical Dunlop pics b/c I love them with their lil raised writing grip that holds so caringly strong in my hand! Then the guy goes: “Hey if you like that let me show you these!” And I probably sighed aloud and he brings me this shining lil tin box and I think I heard the sound of Ted Nugent’s wailing guitars shine down from the heavens as this lil tin was placed in my hand!
    Snarling Dogs are my pic of choice now and I haven’t looked back since! I’d never heard of them before and here I am seeing them on your blog! AWESOME!
    Dude, we have to hook up when you come down for your family reunion! HAHAHA

  3. Superman:
    nice alien pics rule….and a goo pic…is it sticky?

    The sound of nugent….ha ha ha…

    that is too funny…we will definatly have to get together…it will be in August

  4. I actually did a post on my blog (www.igblog.wordpress.com) about picking with your index fingernail, which is how I pick sometimes, not all the time. Recently I went to see Eric Clapton in concert and my sister bought me a set of commemorative picks and, honestly, they’re the best picks I’ve used in a long time. They’re your typical medium gauge, kinda glossy pick, but there’s something about the gauge (they don’t say what guage they are) that is a good cross between a thin pick and a medium pick. I’ve been playing a long time and I go through phases where I use picks and then I don’t, it’s a really weird relationship. I don’t know, me and the pick, we just got issues sometimes. It gets in the way… I do like the wedgie picks though, they look comfy, may try one…

    Here’s the link to the “pick with your nail” post:


  5. Cool post…thanks for the comment…I subscribed to your blog…looks real cool.

    Another killer pic out there is the Dava control pics…they are perfect if you like different gauges. You should check them out

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