David Crowder Clip of the day

Ok so last week I let everybody know crowder is working on a new cd. WOO HOO!.

Then he decided to do the clip of the day

And check out the clip where ted nugent is playing guitar on the new CD.

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  1. This is totally off-topic, so feel free to post it where it would be most helpful:

    I am looking for musical arrangements of the Psalms to sing as a congregation. I have the Psalter that the Reformed Presbyterian Church uses, but those are metered Psalms for the most part (i.e., the Psalms are translated in poetry, some good, some indifferent, some bad). I also have the Worship hymnal from GIA, which has the Grail/Gelineau settings. Unfortunately, I don’t find those very singable, and I don’t like the NAB translation either.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Dn. Darren

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