March 18th Set List


                D – Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)


                G – Marvelous Light – Hall
                G – Holy is the Lord – Tomlin
                G – Take My Life (Holiness)
                G – Majesty (Here I am) – Delerious
                A – Blessed be Your Name – Redman



                D – Beautiful One – Hughes


                C – I See the Lord
                C – Only You – Crowder



                E – Let the Praises Ring – Brewster


15 responses to “March 18th Set List”

  1. snowjunkie Avatar

    Were you guys taking part in the Amazing Grace Sunday as well? How’d it go this morning for you?

  2. klampert Avatar

    we actually weren’t…I saw you said something about that on your blog and checked out the site, but couldnt find anything on that…

    Either way worship was fantastic. How was your service

  3. GM Plaster Avatar

    Vicky Beeching and Delirious were great last night, eh!?

    I just tripped onto the following Andy Hunter instructional video in case we might want to incorporate some DJing into future worship

    Have you heard “Dance Praise” yet? Apparently Vicky and Andy are both on there – no surprise. I think I would have titled the album something else a little more creative, but I guess the plain vanilla description gets the idea across best.

  4. snowjunkie Avatar

    Hi Klampert, I got the link from the official movie web site ( – see link for Amazing Grace Sunday in bottom right corner.

    Regarding the service – yes, went very well yesterday. Had a good time. “Your Grace Is Enough” was very popular.

  5. klampert Avatar

    Oh we love your grace is enough….great song….

    GRAM – thats your new name…that was a fantastic show…and cool CD lame name. ha ha

  6. Darren Avatar

    If I wanted to post my set list for Sundays, have you made any provision for that on this blog? Or should I do it on my own and then link to that?

    Dn. Darren
    Church of the Holy Spirit
    Stephens City, VA

  7. grant... Avatar

    man that’s great stuff!….

  8. klampert Avatar

    Dn. Darren…You can post on your own blog if you wanted, but another idea is if any CEC people want they can on the set list post of the week I post post your own set list in the comments….It would be great if you did….I cant wait

  9. klampert Avatar

    Grant thanks…it was a great service

  10. worshipcity Avatar

    Dang man our Jedi Mind Tricks were off this week. I didn’t play any of these songs! HAHAHA!

  11. Darren Avatar

    Okay, here’s the set list that we did on Sunday.


    D – Crown Him With Many Crowns (Coronation)

    Praise & Worship:

    G – O Love That Will Not Let Me Go – Matheson
    Ab – I Stand in Awe of You – Altrogge
    E – Deep Deep Love – Butler


    Eb – Let Us Break Bread Together on our Knees – Traditional
    F – My Jesus, I Love Thee – Featherstone


    F – When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – Watts

  12. klampert Avatar

    Worship city
    dont fret…the the force is strong with this one.

  13. klampert Avatar

    Darren…fantastic list

    I’m not familiar with
    G – O Love That Will Not Let Me Go – Matheson
    E – Deep Deep Love – Butler

    where are they from…and where can hear them.

    thanks for sharing…keep it up.

  14. Darren Avatar

    O Love That Will Not Let Me Go can be heard at
    It’s a song from the late 19th century.

    Our church (because I’m the one leading music, and I grew up on straight hymns) tends to do quite a few “older” songs (I put older in quotes, because I don’t consider 19th century old when it comes to church music).

    Deep, Deep Love is a Vineyard song, CCLI number 2135195.
    I’m not sure where you can hear it, but if you have the full CCLI license you could download the music. Vineyard has it on CD:

  15. klampert Avatar

    Thanks darren…We do a many old…ha ha hymns and also choruses…I have not heard of that one before…
    I did find it on one of my favorite resources though.
    thanks for the info.
    I will check out the vineyard song also…I have a CCLI license so i ll get on that

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