March 4th set List


D- There is a redeemer


C- Majestic -Brewster
C- Holy- Brenton Brown
E- Arise – Baloche
E- Offering- Baloche
A- Sweetly Broken- Riddle


G- Nothing but the Blood- Redman


G- How Great is Our God- Tomlin
G- We Bow Down- Klampert

Recessional ( END )

A- O no you never let go- Redman



7 responses to “March 4th set List”

  1. worshipcity Avatar

    Majestic – great tune! That’s been my way to get out of my Passion rut lately. Bringing on some Brewster tunes!
    SWEETLY BROKEN! – I’m jealous! My wife LOVES that song and I’ve been curious as to how it’d work out in corporate worship.
    Oh No… – I LOVE Redman’s new CD. And his version of that song on there! For his first studio release in what feels like decades he sure made it worth it!

    Great stuff man.

  2. klampert Avatar

    Brewster is awesome…and hes even better if nobody your doing worship for has heard him because that guy can play some wicked killer guitar.
    Sweetly broken_amazing song…I first started using it before communion. It is perfect for that. Now I mix it in. The spirit of the song is great for preparing your heart to listen to God
    And Redman is amazing…so is that song.
    We are going to do the new crowder song for Easter with two girls dancing to it. Its gonna be awesome

  3. klampert Avatar

    Did you get tomlins new CD yet?

  4. worshipcity Avatar

    See The Morning?
    Yeah I have it. Went out and got the Special Edition for the live stuff on it. At first pass, I hated it. But I was kind of burnt out on him for a while. Put it back in a few month ago and really loved it! Weird how that works sometimes. I hated Arriving so bad and I think I went into this one just wanting to not like it and I heard some of the same lyrical imagery he’s done before.
    Second time around I gave him more of a chance and I appreciate it much more now.

  5. klampert Avatar

    Ha ha…yeah same here…Arriving was ok.. some of the songs were amazing. this new CD is much better though. its not super creative like crowder but it is great worship music. We are doing let God arise and amazing grace from it

  6. worshipcity Avatar

    I tabbed out Let God Arise for a friend and was so ready to do it at our church and then saw all the Tomlin tunes we currently do and he’s off the list of new songs until I work in other artists in our rotation.

  7. klampert Avatar

    thats funny. normally i would think that way but most of the congregation here isnt really up on the names. That song is awesome. I have a ccli license and I use the charts on there. or

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