Top 51 most innovative churches

In my church and demonination I am in charge of the websites, the marketing and all of the inhouse literature. On top of that I handle the tech and media aspect of my church. I am always looking for new ideas on how to use new and innovative technology in service, worship and the web.

Here is a great resource from fellow blogger faithful web 

Here is the top 51 most innovative church list

And of course there is 

Those are some great places to look for what other churches are doing and what is and isnt working

4 thoughts on “Top 51 most innovative churches

  1. I hate that 2 of those listed are in my state and there not my church 🙁
    We’re actually 5 minutes away from Number 19! I have friends that go there! HAHAHA
    But our church is modeled after Northpoint in Atlanta which is really cool. We’ll be on next years list, I’m sure.

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