Yesterday’s Service

We had a fantastic service in church yesterday. here was the set list

Let Everything that Has Breathe- Redman
Sing to the King- Foote
Arise – Baloche
Offering- Baloche
We Fall Down- Tomlin

Famous One
We Bow Down- Klampert
How Great is Our God- Tomlin

My redeemer Lives- Hillsongs






2 responses to “Yesterday’s Service”

  1. Elina Pelikan Avatar

    Offering is brilliant, i need to bring it here, are those chords somewhere on this site?

    -elina (academy worship leader, st michaels, san clemente)

    ps – this site is lovely, thank you.

  2. klampert Avatar

    Elina- Offering is a fantastic song. you can get the chords on or

    Im glad you like the site. and welcome san clemente!

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