So I was searching the net for other cool gear out there and was specifically looking for a drum machine I had seen once and was blown away with. I knew FutureMan used it so after some searching I found http://www.zendrum.com/index.html Zendrum. Hard to give a review because I dont own it. It is quite pricey. But I can give a review of what I have heard from it. From watching the videos on the site I am blown away by the versatility of the drumming that can be done. Multiple kits, multiple styles, and fantastic creative freedom. Now the important question: Do they saound like real drums? Again I am floored by this machine. I have never heard a digital drum sound this good. It has touch sensitive pads that control via midi. There are a couple of shapes to shoose from and many color combinations. Check out the videos on the download section and see it for yourself.






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  1. Steve Burgess Avatar

    I have owned one of these since 1997. I currently use it in our Praise band. I cannot say enough great things about this instrument and the people at Zendrum who custom make each one. Forget the price tag because it’s worth EVERY penny. When I first opened mine, I almost didn’t want to touch it. It was so beautifully made. As far as playing goes, it triggers flawlessly. There will be a learning curve as it is NOT your typical “drumset”. Just think of it as a different instrument all together and start from there. I play different on the Zendrum than I do on a drumset. That may be hard to explain but I will hear things differently on the Zendrum. Beyond that, I can do anything on the Zendrum that I could do on the drumset.
    If you’re looking for something that will allow you to bring drums into a very small room, check this out. Maybe you just want something different. An add on to a drumset. There really is limitless possibilities. It will open up a lot of new doors.
    The other nice thing is the personal attention you receive from the owners of the company. Call the phone number and you will talk with them directly. Truly amazing people.

  2. Steve Burgess Avatar

    I should also comment. If you want to hear a sample, go to the “Recent Rainfall” website and listen to the song, “Your amazing grace”. I played just Zendrum on that song.

  3. klampert Avatar

    It looks like so much fun. great review by the way. My dad is the pastor of our church and is a professional drummer and he definatly wishes he had one.

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