The Cut Capo Revisited

cut capo

Well I was at soulfest in NH seeing a whole bunch of bands and came accross the worshiptogether tent. There was the cut capo on the table. Of course I picked it up and when I got home played with the thing for hours. my verdict. I LOVE IT! so what it does is holds down 3 strings and gives you an open Esus chord. This makes it so most of the chord positions on require 1 or 2 fingers. It gives it a very open sound and you are droning the open bass E string. when you need to transpose you can move the capo up and down fretboard by adding another capo 2 frets bhind the short cut. It’s pretty simple to get used to and leaves you with a ton of new musical possibilities in a psuedo alternate tuning. In times of worship with no singing it offers constant drone with lead lines giving worship an airy sound.
So there it is. Go buy one now. You wont regret it






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