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Ok so A few years ago I heard rumors of the return of stryper and then I saw the website get revamped with show dates. I was floored…Could it be true?
Last week I drove with my dad (Fr. Dave Klampert) 3.5 hours to soulfest in NH. Was it to see audio adrenaline? I don’t thinks so. STRYPER was there. They were amazing. they have rededicated there lives to Christ. The music cranked and was even louder than audioA. They threw out bibles and at the end of the show prayed for a good 7 minutes.
It’s nice to have the pioneers of Christian hard rock back. All Hail Stryper






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  1. Pastor Jon Braunstein Avatar
    Pastor Jon Braunstein

    Hey! you went to SoulFest! It’s good to see that they have some real bands there this year. Went there 4 summers ago with Brandi and the youth group. Lot’s of good bands w/o the Holy Spirit’s anointing. Wish I could have been there with you!

  2. klampert Avatar

    soulfest is interesting…lots of unsigned bands…but a great setting for sure….

  3. klampert Avatar

    Oh yeah jeremy camp was amazing…what a great show he put on…same with paul coleman

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